¨I heard of Sylvia´s work through a friend and decided to give it a go.
After the first session my allergies totally cleared up and have not returned.¨
Neil Day

Cat Healing

People often think that ‘energy healing’ is a time consuming process; contrary to the popular opinion, the fact is ‘energy healing’ is not a time consuming process and I can alleviate any physical or emotional pain within a matter of minutes.

Common cat problems that I´ve helped before….

  • is your cat a nervous cat?

  • does your cat pee in the house?

  • does your cat have Cancer or another serious Illness?

  • does your cat have Senior Pet Problems?

  • does your cat have Food Allergies/Sensitivities?

  • does your cat have Respiratory issues?

  • is your cat´s Eye Sight & Hearing compromised?

  • does your cat suffer from Parasites?


any other related physical/behavioral issues can be solved in a short period of time.

How do I do that?

alternative medicine for cats2I use Energetics for all those and more issues.

Energetics is an alterntative medicine method that is carried out without any physical touch and can be done via Skype, the phone, in person o even without any verbal or physial contact.

We all effect each other and our pets energetically. We can actually measure a thought and its frecuency which means that our thoughs not only effect our own bodies all the time but also other people and animals as thoughts are electromagnetic waves that travel away from our bodies.

Anyway, most of the time it’s not the cat that I need to focus on but the owner as they affect their cats all the time.

A human’s worries, fears, thoughts, behaviors etc. can be the reason why cats (and other animals and people) get heatlth or behavioral troubles that can manifest in pain, illnesses, abnormal conduct or change of character.

I find the reason why your cat is sick, behaving strangely, aggressive or showing any other signs of health issues and improve it on the spot.

Cats are much more perceptive to energetic treatments than humans because their mind doesn´t work like ours and doesn´t sabotage them like our minds do.

Even serious illnesses as cancer can be resolved. The tumor may not disappear instantly but I get the process started so that the cancer shrinks naturally until it´s gone.

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